#26 The Loneliness of Losing Yourself


Abandon Me author and former heroin addict and dominatrix Melissa Febos discusses what it’s like to lose your identity to addiction and obsession—and host Julia Bainbridge signs off with a meditation on living in that loneliness.

#25 Weird in a World That’s Not


Jennifer Romolini, author of the new memoir and career guide, Weird in a World That's Not, opens her book with this: “I am not supposed to be here. I spent the first 28 years of my life as a fuckup and a failure. I failed and I failed and I failed.” And then she became a professional success—and wrote a book about it. She speaks about her journey on today’s episode.

Coming Next Week!


Writer Jennifer Romolini visits the show next week. Here's an excerpt from her new book, Weird in a World That's Not.

#24 Alone in the Maine Woods for 27 Years


At the age of 20, Christopher Knight left his car and the rest of the world behind: He didn’t send a letter, spend any money, or use the internet for over two decades. He said one word to one person, accidentally, during that time. Michael Finkel, who wrote a book about Knight called Stranger in the Woods, shares his story.

#23 When You’re a Stranger To Yourself


Brooke Russell stepped onto the scale and couldn’t believe the number she saw. She tells the story of how, as she struggled with disordered eating, she kept herself away from others.


#22 When You Start to Doubt Your Faith


David Bazan—a touring musician, most notably with Pedro the Lion—always assumed God existed. His life, and music, was centered around his Christianity. Then he started to question all of it.

#21 “When Can I Say I’ll Be Alone Forever?”


Comedian and writer Aimée Lutkin hasn’t dated in a while, and wonders if she ever will again.

#20 Suddenly an Outsider


Our awareness of an "ism" can lead to loneliness, and in George McCalman’s case, that ism was racism. After living much of his life in New York City feeling part of the community, he suddenly felt like an outsider, because of an episode at a magazine where he worked in his twenties.

#19 The Invisible Chef


A personal chef to big-name celebrities, Kat Turner has been behind the scenes for years. Now, she wants to step forward, in front of a camera.

The Lonely Hour Returns


Season two picks up on April 19th. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming!

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