#08 Mental Illness: Kira Asatryan and Kat Kinsman


Human closeness is fundamental to our mental well-being, but many people have hurdles to human closeness. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or addiction, mental illness can be isolating.


#07 Addiction: Gerardo Gonzalez, Reina Zelonky, and Anne Bainbridge


Both substance abuse and sobriety can be isolating.


#06 Entrepreneurship: Brian Bordainick, Patrick Janelle, and Jill Lindsey


We idolize the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world, but many of those entrepreneurs struggle through anxiety and loneliness on their way to the top — if they ever reach it.


#05 Writing: Will Chancellor, Andrew Friedman, and Carolyn Murnick


The act of writing is a solitary one. We talk to three writers about their process, and about the loneliness of their profession.


#04 Solo Dining: Jamie Feldmar, Keff, Amanda Cohen, and Samantha Rose Widder


Do people like — or are they even growing to prefer — dining alone?


#03 Motherhood: Kate Rope, Molly Guy, and Alyssa Shelasky


Motherhood can be a lonely-making experience, whether it's because of postpartum depression, the pressure of guarding a human life, or the quest to get pregnant in the first place.


#02 Social Media: Patrick Janelle, Molly Guy, Kat Kinsman, Sydney Engelberg, and Anna Caltabiano


"Technology has distracted us from the age-old truths of what is most important — true friends whom we can be ourselves in front of, rather than our carefully scripted online persona.


#01 Solo Travel: Alan Feuer, Paula Froelich, and Randall Reeves


In this episode, New York Times writer Alan Feuer expands on what he wrote about his 400-mile drive on Alaska’s Dalton Highway, which he calls one of America’s loneliest roads. I talk to Yahoo Travel editor at large Paula Froelich, a big fan of solo travel, as seen on her adventure travel web series A Broad Abroad, about “giving myself the gift of reflection” on the road. And I learn what single handing is from Randall Reeves, who plans to circumnavigate both the Americas and the Antarctic in a small sailboat starting in September 2017, passing through four separate oceans and nearing both poles in the process. Oh, and he’s doing it alone.


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